We Import and Export Vehicles Worldwide.

Car Restoration
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Easy Easy Japan
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New Business in Japan.

" We value your satisfaction "

We offer you the best prices for
Used / Brand new Automobile Ever !!

If you are looking for used or brand new vehicle from Japan you've come to the right place.
Our Philosophy is 'We Value Your Satisfaction'.
We are Japanese used car exporter for private buyers and dealers worldwide.
We do Auction Bidding (The Japan-wide Auction Member, Such as USS, ASNET, BCN, JU, Etc.) and we got our own stock as well, where you can get the fixed prices and the HUGE discounts as well.

Why you should invest Money, Time Effort to buy
Japanese Used Vehicles ?

Low Price

Owning used car is expensive in Japan, this causes used cars to be sold early & cheap.

Efficient sales system, Reselling cars has become a well developed system.

Out with old, Japanese love new vehicles.

High Standards

Vehicles in Japan are maintained very well and used lightly.


Low Mileage

Smooth Roads


Every week Over 40,000 Japanese Used Vehicles available on the market.

More makers and vehicle grades to choose from the Used Vehicle market.

Easy Easy Japan Web Magazine

We have launched our new web magazine easy easy japan,  under the hosting company of Mich Holdings Inc.

We forwarded in the web magazine Why Japan is unique, Japanese etiquettes, and essential tips, beginners tips, and Japanese visa guidelines. All these articles in our web magazine will provide all the necessary information about each category and stimulate further assistance, support, tours, visa, and guidelines for foreigners interested in traveling to Japan.

IT Web Solutions

We will help you find a solution that is a best fit for your business needs in japan through IT sector.
no matter how simple or complex it maybe, if you are in need of a website design skills
go no further, let us know what you are looking for.

Fully responsive


Easy Customization

Growth with you

Fully responsive websites, adjusting to the device accessing it.
Modern aesthetically pleasing and uncomplicated websites.
Fully Customizable layout with so many design options.
Websites that can grow and expand as your business does.

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